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Janet Kay - Feel No Way (Live TV Performance). Uploaded by janetkaymusic

Janet Kay- absolute legend and Lovers Rock Queen. Silly Games tends to be the only song that gets played by her and magnificent as it is want to post something else by her

Again check the lyrics about encouragement and solidarity


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Brown Sugar - I’m In Love With A Dreadlocks. Uploaded by PAKU ZOW

I have been listening to an interesting radio series on Jamaican music and final part covered Lovers Rock. As many have commented this was music made primarily by and for Black British Young Women

The political message of Lovers Rock may be subtle but noticeable. For example this track by Brown Sugar is a statement of racial pride and solidarity with young Black British Men who had a lot to contend with in this period (well nothing has changed sadly)

Caron Wheeler, later of Soul II Soul, was a member of this group


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Going Back

(An explanation of why I posted some 1998 tracks yesterday!)

I recently saw a musician in concert who I last saw live in 1998. This brought up some interesting reflections. Back then, I was going a masters in Librarianship at UCL. I was attempting to find my way in the world after University (I have written about this in a previous post). At the time I felt like I was not making a good job of this at all. I really cannot say that enjoyed these years much. But seeing this musician again has allowed me to make a sort of peace with this period of my life. There were a lot of happy times and positive experiences as well as bad times. I am glad for the role this musician has played in helping to form the person I am today. I am proud to be a fan (time to fess up- this musician is Richard Davies)

But there is another aspect to this nostalgia

When I saw Richard Davies in 1998, I was just beginning to connect with other women with Turner Syndrome. I connect particular albums by Richard Davies, (especially Telegraph) with the first three years of being part of the Turner Syndrome community. It helps me to recall get-togethers at friend’s houses and day trips we took. It is to say the least ironic that I finally get to see Richard Davies in concert again when I asking some pretty deep questions about what role I wish to play within the larger community of women with Turner Syndrome and what role other women with Turner Syndrome play in my life.

I have to say as an aside that from 1996 to around 2005 I was deeply into ‘Indie’ music and discovered acts such as Super Furry Animals, the Flaming Lips, several of the ‘Elephant 6’ acts and Pernice Brothers. But it is probably only Richard Davies’ music that I really continue to listen to regularly (Great Lakes is another exception)- this was even before I knew about this summer’s concerts.

I have to say that rediscovering George Harrison’s music in the last three years has allowed me to make peace with my teenage years, and the effect of dealing with Turners Syndrome in these years. George and his music came at the right time and helped me to see that I was capable of determining what was important to me and that I had opinions that were worthwhile. His music made me feel good about myself when few other things did. My school mates found this a cause of considerable amusement (even my best friend from this period). I was made to feel a little bit of a freak, just as I was a bit of a ‘Freak’ for having Turner Syndrome. Well- I am only in contact with one friend from school and she gets that I am a George Harrison fan mainly because she is a Beatles/John Lennon fan herself. It has been a delight to connect with other George Harrison fans and find out what his music means to them. It has also been beyond a delight to discover what a great human being George was. It is also wonderful to discover other George fans who are such thoughtful, kind and intelligent people. Well, if I was right to be a George Harrison fan, perhaps I am not a complete fool.

George also played a role in helping find my way into the Turner Syndrome Community. Back in 1997, shortly after we met, Lucy, who is my longest term and probably closest friend with Turner Syndrome, and I discovered a mutual love of the Beatles and we attended the annual Beatles convention in Liverpool together. Some of the best memories I have of my friendship with Lucy are from the trip. The fact she loves the Beatles is one reason I am so fond of Lucy. I have a very dear group of friends with Turner Syndrome in Liverpool who I try and see a couple of times a year. They are proud of their native sons and glad I am a fan of George.

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Timi Yuro- It Will Never Be Over For Me - uploaded by jameycruz2

Last Party like its 1998 track - Simply wonderful. I can’t listen to this too often as it is so hear tbreaking. This track gave its name to the compilation it was from which was put together my favourite northern soul DJ Richard Searling


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The Gems: I Can’t Help Myself. uploaded by Francisco Solis

Partying like its 1998 -Again from a soul compilation I got back in 1998 ‘Chicago Radio Soul’ which is on the incomparable Kent records.This lovely record from Chess Records brings back some bittersweet recollections. Minnie Ripperton was a member of the Gems but it is Theresa Washum who sings lead here



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Clydie King : Soft and Gentle Ways- uploaded eringobrath1965

Partying like its 1998- that’s enough from depressed white guys- here are the soulful ladies. This track was from a great deep/northern soul compilation I got in 1998 called ‘Soothers and movers’ which was on Goldmine records. I have featured a couple of other tracks from this such as Doris Troy’s ‘Face up to the truth ’ and Leon Haywood’s ‘Consider the source’

Great performance from Clydie King


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